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Mata ki Chowki/ Jagran

Mata ki chowki represent the ancient culture of Hinduism society. Mata ki chowki means praising the stories of Gods life time experiences in the form of singing. It is generally sung in Sanskrit and Hindi. It is a devotional programme conducted specially for occasions like Weeding, Engagement, Birthdays, Anniversaries or during Ganpati Pooja and Navratri festivals. In Mata ki Chowki Short time kirtan is conducted in Mata Ki Chowki and it is mostly for 4 to 5 hours. Prayee devote their respect through their prayers in the form of singing. Garlands and Matajis bhet (red color chunni) coconut and shingar with bheta. After that Aarti is done by the devotee who has kept Mata Ki Chowki. Bhog Prasad to Mataji of Kher has been offered followed by Amrit Varsha and Phoolon Ki Varsha of flowers and petals. At last prasand is shared to all people who have been there as the samapti of Mata Ki CHowki.

Krishna/ Khatu Shyam Bhajan

Any religious theme song or song related to God is refers to Bhajan which literaly means “sharing”. No specific set or rules are describing for Bhajan, it is a free form of singing based on the devotee how they conduct it. According to Hinduism Bhakti, Kirtan and Bhajan all these three are connected with the vedic era specially Samaveda. Semaveda is meant to sing like a musical score which should be heard. The main motive behind conducting this Bhajan Shandya is to receive blessing of God’s. Bhajan also helps to maintain possitive environment around one’s selves and wish to get all their dreams fulfilled. In this singer sungs the religious song which gives the feeling to connect everyone with the God. Bhajan has been done generally at the evening time which takes max to max 3 to 4 hours. Pooja has been done by the devotee and the first stage and after that Aarti takes place and at last prasad has been distributed at last, with all this we came to the end of the Bhajan

Sai Bhajan Sandhya

Sai Baba is one of the most famous and kind hearted lord of Hindus. Religion devotees are bending their heads on Sai’s royal court. For such kind hearted Lord, we are doing special bhajan and kirtans or Sai Sandhya.
Multiple places in Delhi we did Sai Sandhya’s. From a long time, we providing Sai Sandhya services to our Sai devotees in Delhi NCR and other places of near delhi like Noida,Gurgraon, Gaziyabad
We know that Sai Kirtan playing a very vital role in our Sai devotee’s life, they have special affection and love towards their Sai Baba on every steps of life.
We always being take care of your emotions for Sai BABA. We doing all the the work that is necessary to make your Sai Sandhya evergreen or long term memorable.
We have a very simple mission that is make the event very special for our Sai devotees and they can remember us for life time therefore we always prem bhatnagar and party always gives their 100% in Every spiritual event.
So If you are thinking about Sai Sandhya so please once contact us.

Sunderkand Path/ Balaji Bhajan

Before talking about anything else, you should understand the importance of Sunderkand Path in an individual’s life.
The Sunderkand shows the bravery and the decisive defeat of Rawan and his Lanka saving Sita Maa.
The chanting of Sunderkand path demands the efforts with sheer calmness.
Usually the people with old age used to chant it on daily basis for their mental as well as physical peace.
This is considered as one of the best ways keep in touch with god doing the Sunderkand path at home.

Sometimes you plan to do a Sunderkand path
We do understand the religious values and gives our 100% in satisfying our clients in the best way possible. The price range of organizing a Sunderkand Path starts from Rs. 5100/- and may differ according to the client’s need.